Unauthorized dealers

Authorized Artison dealers and distributors have the knowledge and training to supply you with the Artison products that best meet your needs,
and to install those products so that you’ll enjoy their maximum performance and Artison factory warranties.

Know your seller! Artison products purchased from unauthorized sources may be used, damaged, repaired, or altered and are NOT covered by Artison warranties. Artison factory warranties apply only to products purchased from authorized Artison dealers and distributors. Artison strongly recommends that you verify if the seller you’re considering is an authorized Artison dealer, this is especially important when considering purchasing Artison products over the Internet. Internet audio discount or liquidation companies are NOT authorized sellers of Artison products, and the products they sell are NOT covered by Artison factory warranties.

Artison factory warranties do not apply:

  • If you purchase an Artison product from a seller who is NOT an authorized Artison dealer or
  • If you purchase an Artison product with a serial number that has been removed, defaced or changed.

If you purchase an Artison product from a seller who is NOT an authorized dealer:

  • The Artison warranty does not apply and we will not make any repairs to the product, and
  • Artison is NOT responsible and will not be able to assist you if you have a problem with the seller regarding your purchase or service.


  • Americandigitals.com: 800-264-0040: http://shop.americandigitals.com/
  • Century21 Electronics on Amazon
  • Garretts Smart Electronics Store, 800-418-8280: http://www.garrett-smarthome.com/
  • Any items purchased USED, from Amazon, eBay or other on-line purchases do not carry a warranty.

Authorized dealers

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