Nano OneThe RCC Nano One is the world’s smallest high performance subwoofer.  Measuring only 7.5” x 8” x 9” including feet and grilles, this diminutive powerhouse has the piston area of an oversized 8” woofer.  Like all of Artison’s subwoofers, the Nano incorporates RCC (Reactance Cancelling Configuration) which means you have zero cabinet vibration, and can place it anywhere without it walking out of the room or off a shelf.

  • All aluminum extruded enclosure (Black or White Finish)
  • Dual active 6.5” long throw aluminum drivers
  • RCC Reactance Cancelling Configuration (Vibration Free)
  • 300 watt amplifier – 900 watt peak
  • Hidden inputs for a clean look
  • 32Hz – 160 Hz
  • Three inputs:
    • Built-in wireless input
    • High-level input
    • Low level Input
  • Power Modes
    • 12 volt trigger
    • auto-sensing
    • Multi-voltage power supply
  • IR control window and hardwire input
  • Digital phase shift
  • Variable crossover
  • 7.5”(190.5mm) W x 8”(203.2mm) H (including Feet) x 9” (228.6)D (Including Grilles)
  • Low level input: 3.5 mm (1/8″) Stereo Mini-jack
  • High level input: Left / Right Speaker Level
  • 110v to 260v input, Autosense
  • LPF (Low Pass Filter): 60 – 160 Hz
  • Phase Control: 0 – 180 Degrees
  • 12 Volt Trigger In
  • IR Control In
  • LPF Slope : 12 or 18 dB/octave
  • Turn on modes: Autosense, 12V Trigger or ON
  • Power consumption of the Artison Nano One product in standby and OFF modes.
    • STANDBY: 0.49 W
    • OFF: No power consumption
  • Power Consumption utilizing Wireless Input
    • STANDBY: <3 W
    • OFF: No power consumption
Tiny sub, Huge Bass

The incredibly small Nano One will fit just about anywhere, yet it has tremendous output capability.
Utilizing Artison’s Reactance Canceling Configuration, the Nano will shake walls, yet the cabinet produces ZERO vibration.

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Awards and Reviews
What is RCC?

This video shows the difference between Artison’s RCC (Reactance Cancelling Configuration) subwoofer design and typical subwoofer designs.

The difference is clear, the water dancing in the typical subwoofer design is excess energy that would normally be transmitted into the subwoofer cabinet, causing it to shake.

The RCC subwoofer configuration cancels all excess energy, resulting in zero cabinet vibration and cleaner bass.

Big Picture Big Sound

“Artisons RCC Nano1 home subwoofer: Petite performer pack a punch”
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Residential Systems Aug 2015

“Compact subwoofer from Artison packs a full-size punch”
See the full article here: Nano 1

Nano Drivers_Med Res

2 Drivers, 1 Sub

For Nano One we started development from the ground up, a whole new driver design.  This 6.5″ driver has a 20mm (0.78″) of linear excursion (how far the cone can move without distortion), coupled with large magnet structures and with multi-layer voice coils…it can handle a lot of power, and do so efficiently.

If you want a great subwoofer, you need a great speaker driver.

Nano Power Supply

Lots of power

Nano One incorporates a universal voltage power supply, so that no matter where you live it will work with your main’s power…it automatically senses and adjusts to the voltage in your home.

Featuring a Class D amplifier rated at over 300 watts RMS, with enough power to handle everything from the nuances of classical music to the tight thumping bass of R&B, and the dynamic explosions in your favorite films.

You will not believe the output of this little sub!

Nano Cabinet

Ultra Thin and Strong

For the cabinet we chose aluminum, which allowed us to create an extraordinarily rigid enclosure that is also very thin, reducing the overall size without sacrificing performance.

The aluminum enclosure is CNC machined, bead blasted and anodized, so that it will last a lifetime. This attention to detail is what gives Nano a look and feel of uncompromising quality.

Discretely flexible

Nano was designed to be extremely easy to set-up, simply plug and play. All inputs are discretely hidden on the bottom, so no wires are visible on the back.

Nano Input_Med

Easy to Connect

Optimal room placement is enabled by a small wireless transmitter that simply plug into the audio source, just push a single button and you’re in business!

The Nano One has the wireless receiver built in, so no additional box is needed at the subwoofer.

Nano Transmitter_Med

Remote_Med Res

Control from a distance

Music and movies have different levels of bass, and that means adjusting the bass multiple times, which of course can be a real pain. That’s why we include a remote with movie and music modes to simplify the task of changing the equalization.

The remote features buttons to control the following:

  • Source 1, 2, or 3 (LFE, Wireless, High-level)
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Power On/Off
  • Movie/Music

Nano One Hex codes can be downloaded Here: RCC NANO 1 HEX CODES